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"We all have two lives. The second life begins when we realise that we only have one life"

Performance & Excellence


The Story of Pete 

"I had it all, but I had nothing at all"

A beautiful fiancé, luxury travel, swimming pools, a 2-billion-dollar IPO, a start-up that grew from zero to $150m dollars, amazing friends, a loving family. I had everything I had always dreamed of and I was completely miserable.

I was in love with achievement but not with myself. I pushed so hard that I had closed my heart and lost touch with what I believed in. I was hurting, I was in pain, I was powerless, I was lost, I was numb. 

Then everything changed. I was alone again. I went to the deepest parts of my soul and fell in love with who I really am, who I really want to be. I learned to reconnect more deeply with the people closest to me and I realised that life is beautiful.

I know that so many people are sleepwalking through their lives and I’ve been put here to wake them up. If you’re in pain, if you’re feeling lost. If you know that there is more to life and you’re willing and ready to put the work in, then you’ve come to the right place.
"This is where your true story starts, this is where your life begins".


Instinct Coaching


The most powerful person in your life, is you

My role is to re-ignite your self belief, your innate instinctive ability and light an unstoppable fire in you.


My style combines the energy of Tony Robbins, the compassion of Brené Brown, the fire of Jordan Peterson, the breath work of Wim Hof, the philosophy of Viktor Frankl, the meditations of Joe Dispenza and the classic Alchemy & Psychology of Jung & Frued. 

Once we start this journey, prepare yourself for incredible change. You will make decisions with more certainty, you will know yourself with more clarity and you will build deeper, more meaningful connections with everyone in your life. 

Surfing at Sunset

Live Events

From intimate group events to profound, life-changing extravaganzas

Experience transformational changes in your life during world class weekend events or large scale conferences designed to give you the maximum impact in the shortest space of time. 

Come prepared for huge energy, love, joy, tears and an experience that will change you in forever. 

Adventures & Retreats

Experience and emotion combined has the most powerful effect on our lives.


Challenge your limiting beliefs by attending one of our immersive retreats. Located in places of natural beauty ranging from stunning beach fronts to breathtaking mountain tops. Each experience is designed to challenge you both physically and emotionally. 

 Learn that "Pain is necessary but suffering is optional" by attending The Big OneOnce a year, we take a select group on a heroes journey, an expedition of self discovery.  They will summit the worlds highest mountains while delving deeper into themselves, more than ever before, to learn what they are truly capable of. 

Utterly unforgettable.

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